Dining room is a nice place to gather with family or friends to eat the delicious meal, so it's nice to make your dining room with bright colors to help you have open drinks. So there are many ways to create a bright dining room one of these ways is painting your dining room walls with bright colors such as blue, yellow, green, orange, yellow mixed with white, pink, it will your dining room into the great hall and a contemporary even if you choose also chairs color to your dining room light up your room, you can see from the pictures below, how you can use sun lighting up your room eat, you can use white chairs with back chairs as orange, or yellow chairs paired with yellow walls, or you can use two colors like green and orange for dining room chairs, or three colors red, yellow and blue, it will give new look to your dining room.

Even curtains and tablecloth can be set to turn a bright dining room with bright colors if you use them. Below you will find pictures in ideas and styles in a bright dining room can help to change your look dining room.