Today we'll show you a beautiful home is the light house with indoor furniture and bright colors, found in Denmark, which is owned by a small family of Paris - Charlotte Gueniau designed home with a very large total photos bright colors.In can then see how the room is so beautiful with 6 chairs and a table of creamy red, all white paint on the walls have white curtains, Chandler is so beautiful of the roof that is shaped lamp hull, with its beautiful color, so beautiful in the carpet on the floor with 2 colors blue and green add a touch you have to eat room.If looked on the wall when climbing the stairs is the blue paint clear add a nice touch to the white color of the ladder.

The lounge has a sofa with two cushions nice to add a nice touch of color to it, there is also a beautiful round coffee table in between, there's a simple-looking mirror on the wall that lies between two large windows in living room room has a wall of bright blue room, reading a very simple and there is a large painting of a girl on the bed add a nice touch to the bed is so simple room.Kitchen blue was recorded in the middle of the painting the walls and the other half in white, brown and suppliers coming from the ceiling add a nice touch for your shape.The master bedroom is very nice for the bottom two red screen and is a beautiful white.This home with their bright colors.